PBSA: accommodating record numbers of students in the UK

Recent reports on the outlook for purpose-built student accommodation in the UK have affirmed investor confidence in this sector, as 2021 demonstrated its ability to weather the aftermath of the pandemic better than most other real estate sectors. Purpose-built student accommodation, or PBSA, usually consists of modern cluster flats or private studios and attached leisure facilities that private developers [...]

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Brussels’ office market trends

For the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19, economic activity has returned — and even exceeded — pre-crisis levels in Belgium. However, inflation reached 5.71% in Belgium at the end of 2021 in the wake of surging energy prices, supply bottlenecks and the rapid rebound of economic activity — the highest level since 2008. Consequently, investors have increasingly [...]

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The 2022 outlook for real estate investment in Luxembourg

Despite the events of the past couple of years, Luxembourg's real estate market has once again proven resilient as it did during the global financial crisis. Lockdowns and social distancing measures caused real estate transactions to slump, but confidence has returned since the worst impacts of the coronavirus crisis began to abate. Although not all sectors have been affected [...]

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The outlook for European commercial real estate in 2022

Despite what has been a tumultuous two years of global social, political and economic uncertainty, the real estate industry has been adapting to the challenge. As a result, the sector is beginning to reflect the most significant changes to how we live and work in the post-pandemic era. Economies have shifted in the wake of vaccination rollout and pandemic [...]

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The future of social care: investing in our ageing population

Despite the healthcare crisis we have faced since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people in the UK are living longer than ever before. The number of people aged 65 years and over in the UK was 12.5 million in mid-2020 compared to just 10.3 million a decade before — and this figure is expected to continue rising steadily over the [...]

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Beware of long-term value drivers

Property investors have an unfortunate habit of not looking very far ahead The real estate sector has a propensity to underestimate change, perhaps because change has historically been at a rather glacial rate within the industry. In my 30 years in the European real estate markets, it has always surprised me how short-term factors almost exclusively colour investment decisions. [...]

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All change in the countryside

Farming in the UK is changing faster than anyone realises. There will be winners – and losers… The UK farming industry is facing a period of radical change that most farmers are underestimating both in extent and speed. There will be winners and losers, with the split between the two largely determined by how quickly individual farmers can adapt. [...]

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The French Investment and Property Market

France – Investment Market The majority of Rynda Group employees work in France and over the last 14 years the country has been a successful investment location for a range of our clients along the risk spectrum and across the breadth of commercial and residential uses. However, all has not been well in the last two or three years. [...]

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