Rynda wins ‘Best of British Business’ accolade for its alternative real estate strategies

Rynda is delighted to have been named a winner in Business Reporter’s ‘Best of British Business 2021’ awards.

The accolade recognises Rynda’s successful expansion into alternative real estate strategies in response to societal changes and recent shifts in the property investment market.

Accelerated by the pandemic, online shopping is increasingly dominating the retail market. The proportion of retail sales spent online in the UK soared to 35.2% in January 2021 — the highest figure on record. With rapid digitisation constantly improving the shopping experience for online consumers, this shift is predicted to continue.

Traditionally, pension investors have focused on acquiring office and retail assets for reliable capital growth and income return. However, now that people are embracing hybrid work and more high streets are moving online, the future of real estate investment lies increasingly with alternative property.

Our extensive demographics research has found that the number of 18 to 20-year-olds in the UK will expand significantly in the next decade. Combined with a consistent interest in British higher education from overseas, this suggests that there will be a growing need for student accommodation.

Furthermore, the Office of National Statistics predicts that the population of 85-year-olds will increase the fastest in years to come, doubling by mid-2041 and fuelling the demand for care home facilities. So, investment into these two areas is the next logical avenue for property investment.

‘The Business Reporter award is a significant milestone for our highly qualified and motivated team, as we develop further alternative real estate strategies across Europe’, our chief executive, Michael Walton, commented. Interest in Rynda’s platform is at an all-time high, and our UK care home strategy is readied for significant acquisition activity in 2022.

Watch Michael being interviewed by Alistair Greener in the video below to learn more about Rynda’s alternative real estate strategies.

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