Beware of long-term value drivers

Property investors have an unfortunate habit of not looking very far ahead The real estate sector has a propensity to underestimate change, perhaps because change has historically been at a rather glacial rate within the industry. In my 30 years in the European real estate markets, it has always surprised me how short-term factors almost exclusively colour investment decisions. [...]

All change in the countryside

Farming in the UK is changing faster than anyone realises. There will be winners – and losers… The UK farming industry is facing a period of radical change that most farmers are underestimating both in extent and speed. There will be winners and losers, with the split between the two largely determined by how quickly individual farmers can adapt. The [...]

The death of the small European Investment Manager

Established talent is being hoovered up – where are all the start-ups vying for their place? Small real estate investment managers are becoming a critically endangered species across Europe as property investors and international fund managers across the world buy them up. Not all investments are structured as an outright buy – some acquisitions are phased through progressive stake building [...]

The market players are different and the transactions are significantly more complex than 30 years ago

Perhaps the long hot summer in continental Europe is not the most prudent time to review how fast transactions take to conclude. However, with the benefit of over 30 years of experience in Europe I am convinced the average time from the start of marketing to closing has grown significantly. This conclusion seems to be counter-intuitive given advances in business [...]

The French Investment and Property Market

France – Investment Market The majority of Rynda Group employees work in France and over the last 14 years the country has been a successful investment location for a range of our clients along the risk spectrum and across the breath of commercial and residential uses. However, all has not been well in the last two or three years. [...]

Belgian office accommodation, the challenges for businesses in France and why the Germans are not always more efficient

I have been active in the European real estate markets for over 30 years with a focus on the more liquid north-western countries. I have worked for agencies (Knight Frank and CBRE), an accountancy practice (Touche Ross) and investment banks Lazard Brothers and Citigroup. Nearly 14 years ago I set up Rynda Property Investors as my own FCA regulated [...]